Our company specializes in distribution agent imported from Japan additive plating surface treatment,and is the designated agent distributor of Japanese JCU company ,YAMAMOTO-MS company,Daiwa Fine Chemicals company in China. Products are widely used in automobiles, home appliances, electronic products on the surface of a variety of electroplating processes. Outstanding contributions by the Chinese experts, Professor ,Senior Engineer Qin baoxin, and more technicians to provide technical advice plating, Solve production in doubt,and provide new technologies, new processes, new information for the vast number of new and old customers.(our company’s Specialty Products are: Surface conditioner, Acid Copper Plating Intermediate Series ,Acid Copper Plating Process(For Barrel), Decorative Acid Copper Plating(High Throwing Power) (High Levelling Power), Pearl Nickel Process, high corrosion resist nickel, microporous chrome plating, Alloy Plating process) Our company is based on the principle of mutual benefit and common development, the aim of best service to provide customers ,and is determined to improve, innovate, further expand the market in order to provide you with better and more convenient services....

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